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Vegan Skincare: Plant-Based Products for Your Skin

Vegan skincare brands have been around for some time now; however, more and more consumers are starting to set their sights (and money) towards being more vegan friendly in recent years. From cleansers to moisturisers, the skincare industry is making sure that our products are all round healthier and using natural ingredients. Is it better to use vegan beauty products? Yes, especially since they do not include animal ingredients. Vegan products are better, especially for sensitive skin types, and do not clog your pores.

You may be asking yourself if it is vegan, what are the ingredients? Have you ever heard the term “less is more”? Do these ingredients include your major vitamins (A, C, and E) hemp seed, argan oil, coconut oil, minerals, and antioxidants, all the things your skin needs and want? The things we use on our outer bodies make their way into our pores and bloodstream, so being conscious of what we use outside helps us on the inside too.

Some products are labeled as “cruelty-free,” and one would think that it would equate to being vegan. That is not necessarily true. Cruelty-free means that the products have not been tested on animals but may still contain animal produce such as beeswax or lanolin. Make sure you read the ingredients!

Here at R&R, we pride ourselves on creating natural, plant-based, cruelty-free skincare for all to use. From oils to scrubs, our company offers a range of clean beauty products that are vegan friendly.

Shea Oil

Lemongrass, Serenity, and Unscented, oh my! Filled with fatty acids and rich in antioxidants, our shea oil promotes healing and skin elasticity. The ingredients include shea butter and pure essential oils and is 100% vegan!

Shea Sugar Scrub

Though our Shea Sugar Scrub is gentle, it packs a punch when removing dead skin cells and nourishing your skin. The combination of shea butter, coconut oil, and brown sugar is vegan, suitable for all skin types and helps to reduce hyperpigmentation while being gentle for your skin.

Black Soap 

Black Soap is Africa’s ancient beauty secret that not only cleanses the skin but aids in healthy glowing skin. Whether in a bar or liquid form, this vegan-skincare gem moisturises, improves skin, texture, and evens skin tone.

How to know if your products are vegan

One of the tell-tales ways to know that your products are vegan is to

1) read the label. Your product will likely say “Vegan” or have a green symbol with a v

2) Read the ingredients. If you can not pronounce it, you may want to avoid it

Continuing to support R&R Luxury will ensure that you are guaranteed naturally sourced, plant-based products your body will love.

Nahema, Team R&R Intern

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