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Explore this page to find articles covering beauty hacks, skincare secrets and self-care tips from Team R&R.

Leave the Hair Frenzy Behind! Benefits of Shea Oil for all Hair Types.

Many of us struggle with breakage, dryness, and itching when it comes to our hair. You may have used just about every product on this planet, trying to find the
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Foods and You: The Good, Bad and Ugly

Our skin is the biggest organ on our body, and since it is on the outside, the foods that we eat would never affect it, right🤔? Wrong! Having poor eating
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Men Need Skincare Too. Let Us Tell You Why!

It is no secret that most men don’t take as much care of their skin as women do. Although most people might be quick to jump to the myths about
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Time For Change: Autumn Skincare Routines

No matter where you live, seasons change…We all want our skin to be beautiful and radiant, so making sure we keep up with our skincare routine is vital. Many people
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Vegan Skincare: Plant-Based Products for Your Skin

Vegan skincare brands have been around for some time now; however, more and more consumers are starting to set their sights (and money) towards being more vegan friendly in recent
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Beauty Hack 101: Natural Make Up Remover

Fed up of using facial wipes to remove your make up? Want to help save the environment? We have a solution as to how you can remove your makeup the
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Moi-Shea-Rised: The Goodness of Shea

If the title of this blog post is intriguing you, we recommend that you read on! Shea butter is a natural fat extract produced from the nuts of the fruit
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Self Care…Which Team Are You On?

Self care and wellness requires a holistic approach which feeds the mind, body and soul. From maintaining a good diet, to regularly exercising and taking care of your skin, your
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African Black Soap: The Stunningly Raw Benefits

African black soap has played a vital role in many skincare regiemes. From providing a deep facial cleanse to soothing skin irritation, African black soap has numerous reasons as to
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