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Explore this page to find articles covering beauty hacks, skincare secrets and self-care tips from Team R&R.

It’s Body Butter Balm Baby

At R&R Luxury, we pride ourselves on being a natural plant-based skincare brand with the philosophy of transforming one of nature’s purest and richest gifts – Shea Butter – into
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Anti-Ageing Routine: Staying Forever Young!

Turning back the hands of time would be amazing. However, no one has the magical capability to make it happen. So, to keep our youthful looks, here are some essential
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Kindness is Key

Kindness is something that should be spread 365 days a year. That’s why Team R&R were super excited last weekend (Saturday November 13th), which was World Kindness Day. So what
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You Deserve Some Self Care.

Hey You! You deserve some self-care. Self-care may take many forms; It could be making sure you get enough sleep, stepping outside for some fresh air, or just simply listening to
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Lemongrass Love

Lemongrass is probably one of the top scents in the world. Don’t @ or judge us. It’s not up for debate! 🤣🤣Not only does lemongrass smell divine, but it can
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Flawless without Foundation

Wearing makeup and being creative with your foundation is a great way to give your face that flawless look. However, over time heavy foundations weigh on your skin. But we
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DIY Skincare

When it comes to skincare, breaking the bank should not fit into the equation. Here are some quick beauty hacks using ingredients you may have in your cupboard for some
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4 Great Natural Skincare Ingredients

The market for green skincare has been growing for years and is expected to continue doing so with an expected CAGR of 5.5%. Many brands have started using natural ingredients because of the many
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My Afro is Poppin. My Afro is Cool.

Baby, when we tell you hair shrinkage is real, believe us! However, this is common when it comes to afro-textured to kinky hair. It may seem as though maintaining an
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