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Explore this page to find articles covering beauty hacks, skincare secrets and self-care tips from Team R&R.

How to Reduce and Prevent Hyperpigmentation

What is hyperpigmentation? Hyperpigmentation is a skin condition wherein an excess in the amount of melanin causes patches of the skin to turn visibly darker. It affects anyone, particularly those
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10 reasons why you’re missing out by not using Baobab Oil as part of your skincare routine…

The Baobab Tree aka the tree of life is indigenous to parts of Africa and Australia and lives for over 3,000 years! The super oil, which is derived from baobab
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From the Fruit to the Nut to the Butter: The Shea Process

Have you ever thought about what goes into making the shea butter that we all know and love? From the fruit, to the nut and all the steps in between
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Working From Home? Try These Daily Beauty & Wellness Tips

Waking up a little later than usual, working out, enjoying your morning breakfast in peace and even meditating before zoning straight into work mode is top tier! Working from home
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Mumma’s Skin Needs Love Too 🤰🏿

Pregnancy is a beautiful time. You’re experiencing new life growing within you, and you look forward to meeting this person who will change your life forever. As your hormones change
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Exercising For Glowing Skin

We are all aware that exercise is great for our heart, lungs, and mental wellbeing, however, how many of us know the benefits it has for our skin? Regular exercise is an
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Dandruff Be Gone! ✌🏿

Dandruff is probably one of the most annoying scalp conditions ever. It is highly noticeable if your hair is darker or wearing dark colours as it falls onto your clothes.
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Shea Butter outside of Skincare and Beauty

We are all familiar with shea butter and its benefits. It is filled with all the fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals you did not know your body needed. Our skin
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Your Nails need Love Too!

Who doesn’t love going to the nail salon and treating yourself to a luxurious manicure? Of course, having someone else tend to your nails is great, but how are you
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