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Explore this page to find articles covering beauty hacks, skincare secrets and self-care tips from Team R&R.

Shea Oils for Babies

The arrival of a new-born is always one of the happiest moments in life – Their smell, their snuggles, their soft and delicate skin is all so refreshing! Babies are
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How to keep your products organised

Being a product junkie is all fun and games until it is time to keep everything organised. YIKES! Lip balms end up under the bed for months, face masks find
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Wash your face

New Year, New Skincare Routine: 2021 Edition

A new year signifies fresh beginnings, new starts, and routines, and with 2021 right around the corner, there are many already thinking about their New Year resolutions. You hear so
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Believe in the Magic of Self-Care During Christmas

We have officially entered the holiday season! Alexa, play ‘This Christmas’ by Donny Hathaway. The holidays are the time of year when friends and family come together to celebrate the
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Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is here again! It is that special season of joy and of peace; with its lovely sense of giving and sharing – the true essence of Christmas. In this
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Leave the Hair Frenzy Behind! Benefits of Shea Oil for all Hair Types.

Many of us struggle with breakage, dryness, and itching when it comes to our hair. You may have used just about every product on this planet, trying to find the
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Foods and You: The Good, Bad and Ugly

Our skin is the biggest organ on our body, and since it is on the outside, the foods that we eat would never affect it, right🤔? Wrong! Having poor eating
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Men Need Skincare Too. Let Us Tell You Why!

It is no secret that most men don’t take as much care of their skin as women do. Although most people might be quick to jump to the myths about
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Time For Change: Autumn Skincare Routines

No matter where you live, seasons change…We all want our skin to be beautiful and radiant, so making sure we keep up with our skincare routine is vital. Many people
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