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Valentine’s Day: It’s for the Lover in You!

It’s that time of the year again, the day of lovers. Couples will be posting their date nights and other romantic outings. They’re beautiful to look at and imagine the same love happening to you. However, what are you doing to love yourself? It’s great to have someone else pamper you, but how do you pamper yourself? Valentine’s Day does not have to only be about couples; it’s also a day for self-love. You may be asking yourself, “What can I do for self-love? 🤔” Don’t you worry your pretty little head. Keep reading for ideas.


Stay off social media!

Yes, I know many of us to live for the posts and comical memes. However, during the holidays, especially Valentine’s Day, it can trigger anxiety or maybe feelings of sadness. So instead, step away from your device and find a different way to occupy your time.


Pamper Yourself

Whether you go to an actual spa or host one in your home (for yourself), a spa day can help to de-stress and calm your mind. Did you know that getting a massage can increase serotonin and dopamine levels? So, having that time to yourself will make you a happier person. If you’re unable to make it to the spa, you can use our R&R Home Spa Kit, which includes Lavender Shea Sugar Scrub, our Liquid Black Soap, and our calming Serenity Shea Oil. Create your very own spa at home and unwind while using our all-natural, luxurious nourishing skincare products 😉.


Donate your Time by Volunteering 

Do you have a cause that you support or are interested in helping? From food banks to clothing drives and Big Brother, Big Sister organisations. There are tons of organisations and people in need who would enjoy having you give back. So, let’s do random acts of kindness for those around us.


Treat 👏🏿 Your👏🏿 Self👏🏿

We cannot stress the importance of treating yourself. How many gifts and gestures have you given to others before or without giving to yourself? So, on this day, go to your favorite store, possibly R&R Luxury, and treat yourself to a fantastic gift. Now, we’re not saying to break the bank, but treat yourself to that purse, dress, or sneakers you’ve been eyeing.


Love comes in several forms. So, take the day to discover and go all out on your self-love journey!


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