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Shea Oils for Babies

The arrival of a new-born is always one of the happiest moments in life – Their smell, their snuggles, their soft and delicate skin is all so refreshing!

Babies are generally delicate and vulnerable and so is their skin!

New-born skin must be treated with care: you cannot use just any skincare product off the shelf. Avoid skincare products that come with additives, or other chemical ingredients, it may cause side effects such as rashes, inflammation, itching, and irritation for your new bundle of joy.

The important question, therefore, is how can you treat your babies’ skin with care, so that it will remain healthy, soft, and smooth?

The answer is our Ori-Nku (Unscented) Shea Oil and Whipped Shea Butter. Our Ori-Nku products are all 100% natural, unscented, and fragrance-free hence very friendly on baby skin.


Our Founder and CEO started R&R Luxury in her quest to find suitable, friendly, and all-natural products for her baby’s skin.

“It was following the birth of my first child that I started to pay attention to the products that I used on myself and my daughter, so I started looking into more clean beauty products as I wanted only natural goodness for us both.” – Valerie Obaze


Benefits of Shea Oils for Babies.

  1. Moisturises the skin: Shea oil is an excellent daily moisturiser for babies. It contains fatty acid and vitamin E, and it is considered one of the safest skincare products for your infants’ skin, scalp, and hair. You can also use shea oil to massage your baby – It is said that babies fall asleep more easily due to the soothing nature of shea oil on the skin.
  2. Soothes skin rashes: Babies are said to be more likely to have skin irritation due to the vulnerability of their skin and exposure to harsh weather conditions. That’s why mothers must use shea oil for their baby’s skin; Shea oil helps retain moisture and has the ability to protect your babies’ skin from skin irritation at the same time enhancing collagen production that soothes eczema, diaper rash, and insect bites.
  3. It contains no chemical ingredients and is 100% safe for your baby.
  4. Finally, shea oil provides skin strengthening properties that are needed for your baby’s skin development.


How to Use Shea Oil for Babies?

  • Massage: Use shea oil to massage your baby’s body regularly before bath time.
  • Moisturising oil: Take a small amount of shea oil in your hands, rub it between your palms, and apply it on the baby’s skin, except around the eyes and on the genitals.


Your babies skin needs all the attention and care for healthy skin development. R&R Luxury has all the best products, suitable for your babies care and growth.


Setornam, Team R&R Marketing & E-commerce Assistant


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