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International Kissing Day

It’s International Kissing Day! And we’re here to make sure your lips are ready and kissable today and beyond!

For most people, adopting a beauty routine usually focuses on skin and/or hair and even within their skin regimens, emphasis is placed on the face, neck and under eye – forgetting that the lips, also need TLC (tender, love and most importantly, care).

During cold/ winter seasons (or dry season such as Harmattan), a number of us experience chapped, cracked and flaky lips; a very unpleasing feel and look. As lips are made of skin, they deserve the same love and treatment that we give to rest of our skin.

Lip care involves removing all the dead skin cells around the lip area and hydrating and sealing the skin from any dryness. Usually, as a natural human instinct, the way we take care of cracked, flaky lips is to lick them – which is a NO NO! Note that, because of the digestive enzymes found in saliva, licking the lips actually causes them to become extra dry, as the saliva does not stay for long.

These are the two ways to give your lips the TLC they deserve:

  • Just like your face, lips are susceptible to dead skin cells, so cure this by exfoliating.

Once a week, use your toothbrush to gently scrub your lips and rinse or dab with water. If you want moisture whilst removing these dead cells, use a shea-based scrub on lips, let it set for a minute or two and rinse.

TIP: Add a few drops of peppermint for a minty feel!

  • Protect and repair your lips by sealing them with the needed moisture;

After exfoliating, rub lip butter on lips, press together and, voila, your lips are in great shape *wink*

TIP: For shine, you can add coconut oil; a little shine never hurt anyone, right?

EXTRA TIP: If you love a pop of colour, apply R&R lip butter as a base before using your fave lipstick, lip liner or gloss to leave your lips properly moisturised.

Lip care is important and so, be sure to always keep lip butter in your bag and consistently stay true to your lip regimen.

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Happy reading and shopping!

Ivy, R&R Intern

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