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Refill Pouches

Now there is no need to buy more plastic bottles; our eco-friendly Refill Pouches are 100% environmentally friendly and made from paper.

Join our quest to preserve the environment as we continue our journey to becoming a completely sustainable brand. Opt for the eco-friendly option and purchase a Refill Pouch to top up your current Shea Oil bottle.

Stock up on refill packs so that you never have to run out of your favourite product!

Refill Pouches are currently available for the following products:

  • Repair (Baobab) Oil
  • Liquid Black Soap
  • Serenity Shea Oil
  • Lemongrass Shea Oil
  • Ori-Nku Shea Oil

Shop direct from our international sites:

UKGhana | Nigeria

How to Use Refill Pouches

Pour the contents of this pouch into your R&R Luxury bottle and dispense as usual!  

Sizes Available

250ml (Liquid Black Soap/ Shea Oil Refill Pouches) 80ml (Repair Oil Refill Pouches)