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You Deserve Some Self Care.

Hey You!

You deserve some self-care. Self-care may take many forms; It could be making sure you get enough sleep, stepping outside for some fresh air, or just simply listening to some good music. Whatever route you decide to take this weekend, we want to let you know that you can never go wrong with R&R candles. Scents generally have great effects on moods, reduce stress, and also enhance sleep so using candles can be a fantastic way to show yourself some. Wondering how to incorporate this into your Self-care routine?

Keep reading, we’ve got some amazing ways to share with you.

Ways to Include R&R Candles into Your Self-Care Routine.


1. Meditation

10mins of meditation in the morning can have a great effect on your mood and self-confidence. Our minds require rest from time to time, which is why incorporating meditation into a self-care routine is important. Just imagine surrounding your space with amazing candle scents while you meditate. How soothing and calming! Our Geranium Scented Candle will give you a calming and relaxing effect while you meditate.


2. Add candles while you take your bath/shower.

Taking a bath is one of the most relaxing ways to calm and relax your body. Light our Lemongrass & Ginger Scented Candle, and play a touch of soothing music while take your bath.


3. Read a book

Did you know that reading is one of the most effective forms of self-care and relaxation? Self-care transcends just meditation and a bath. Unlike these other activities, reading offers a whole different world of imagination. It gets the mind to focus on one thing – the story. However, reading a book is not complete without creating the perfectly comfortable environment. And that includes having the aroma just right with one of our candles.


4. A Home Spa Day

While going out for a spa day may not be an option, there are other ways to bring the same spa feeling of relaxation and calm to you. All you need is to :

  1. Turn on our Marrakech Nights Scented Candle, so your home will have a heavenly, soothing scent while you enjoy self-care time.
  2. Put on a comfy robe.
  3. Slide into some fun slippers to complete the spa from home look.
  4. Hop in the shower and refresh your skin with our Shea Sugar Body Scrub to exfoliate, moisturise, and smooth your skin.

Let us know how your self care time goes this weekend!



Team R&R


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