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How often have you heard about the benefits of shea oil?

If you have, you know that it is used for the health of your skin and hair. But are you familiar with the magic it creates for beards?

There is nothing like seeing and touching a well-groomed beard, so maintaining a regimen is essential. Gentlemen, I am sure when you hear or see R&R Luxury, you automatically think that we only cater to women. Well, this article is in honour of you and your self-care beard needs!

Like the hair on your head… finding the best products and following a good regimen for your beard is essential.

Shea Oil

From full beards to the scruff style, shea oil naturally softens, stimulates your facial hair growth, and is filled with essential vitamins.

Beard benefits include

  • Nourishes beard and skin
  • Fights roughness around beard edges
  • Softens and moisturises beard
  • Conditions hair without leaving behind any sticky/ greasy residue
  • Encourages beard growth

Recommended products

R&R Man Shea Oil: Our Shea Oil nourishes dry skin and beard hair without leaving a greasy residue. It is rich in fatty acids and provides the perfect solution to cracked skin and dry hair. Pick from our Oud-inspired fragrance – Marrakech Nights or Lemongrass.

R&R Man Liquid Black Soap with Lemongrass; Why use shampoo in your beards when you can treat your facial hair with Africa’s liquid gold? Black soap is known for its antibacterial properties and is safe for your skin and hair. Not only will it combat beard-acne, but black soap is also an anti-inflammatory rich in Vitamin A and E and will soothe any irritation whilst moisturising your beard, leaving it healthy and oh so soft.

Did we mention it is delicately scented with lemongrass?

Not only is lemongrass known for its aromatherapy, but it is also great for relieving stress, insect repellent, and used as a sleeping aide.

Baobab Oil

Incorporating pure Baobab Oil into your regime will keep your skin young, fresh, and nourish your beard. Baobab Oil is fast-absorbing, and its silky texture will leave your skin glowing with a youthful radiance. Apply it at night to hydrate before sleeping, or in the morning for supple, moisturised skin and hair.

Beard benefits include

  • Protects your skin around & underneath your beard
  • Softens and tames your beard
  • Conditions the skin & hair
  • Repairing hair breakage and pesky split ends

Coconut Oil

Virgin coconut oil has a range of health and beauty benefits thanks to its pure nature and anti-bacterial properties! Not only will this super oil hydrate your beard, making it feel soft and look healthy, but it will also hydrate the skin underneath your beard too which is just as important!

Beard benefits include

  • Encourages hair/beard growth
  • Keeps beard moisturised and shiny
  • Softens beard & hair follicles
  • Has antifungal and antibacterial properties which help prevent the buildup of bacteria and fungus

From the beginning stages of your beard growth journey to the daily maintenance, shea, baobab and coconut oils will help your facial hair over the long-term.  Be sure to check our men’s collection and treat yourself or that special person in your life!

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  1. which is the best oil for my scalp I have really curly fizzy hair, if you could help please

    • Hi there,
      Thank you for your question. We recommend that you try our Baobab Oil, it will keep your curls moisturised and prevent frizz.

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