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National Brother’s Day

Happy National Brother’s Day to all the brothers out in the world!

Yes, it is an actual day. You may have argued with him when you were younger, but nothing changes the fact that there is still sibling love. National Brother’s Day takes place every May 24th and started in 2005. For some, brothers are your protectors, best friend, and confidant. You are probably thinking to yourself, “Darn, what kind of gift should I get the best brother in the world?”. Well, look no further, because just like your brother, R&R Luxury has your back!

R&R Man Liquid Black Soap

Are you tired of your brother using up your Liquid Black Soap? I know I am! 😭 Luckily, you can purchase him his bottle from our Men’s Collection! Aiding as an antibacterial, R&R Man Liquid Black Soap is the cleansing secret that has been used for centuries and passed down from generations for ageless, healthy, glowing skin and hair. Powered by a soothing combination of shea butter and other natural, African ingredients, Liquid Black Soap deeply cleanses your face and body without stripping moisture from the skin. It is excellent as an antibacterial, soothes irritation, and improves skin texture. If your brother is a traveller, we also have a travel-sized bottle, so he will not have to leave home without it. Not only will your brother’s skin glow, but he will also smell amazing with the lemongrass scent.

R&R Man Shea Oil

Our liquid gold, Shea Oil, is not just for women; it is also for the best brothers! R&R Man Shea Oil contains natural healing properties make it the perfect solution for stressed skin and dry hair/ beard. This non-greasy oil is rich in fatty acids and provides multiple moisturising benefits leaving behind soft, supple skin & hair/ beard. If he wants to switch up scents, he has the best options – Marrakech Nights and Lemongrass. You cannot beat that!


Show your brother some love with a gift that he never expected!

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