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Moi-Shea-Rised: The Goodness of Shea

If the title of this blog post is intriguing you, we recommend that you read on!

Shea butter is a natural fat extract produced from the nuts of the fruit of the Shea Tree, which is indigenous to parts of West & East Africa.

Most beauty brands (if not all) use shea butter as a key ingredient in their formulations, especially in soap, oils, lip balm, and body lotion – you can pretty much find shea butter in any product which serves as a moisturiser. This is because raw shea butter is rich in Vitamins A, E and F – the needed nutrients to keep our skin looking (and feeling) healthy and hydrated. Although, it is a fat extract, when used on the skin, it doesn’t fill up pores or create excess oils on the skin. Rather, it keeps the skin replenished with the right balance of moisture.

In its raw state, shea is “gold in the rough” because even though some people do not enjoy its natural scent or texture, it is multifaceted; can be used in its solid or liquid form and it’s the best natural moisturiser EVER! (Your skin will literally glow, like gold, after using it 😊).

In which ever way you want to use shea, it works perfectly well and here are 2 gems to use to get your moisture balance right:

R&R Luxury 100% Shea Butter Soap (with Lavender & Peppermint)

For your morning skincare routine,  you can simply wash your face with water BUT…we recommend that you give your skin that extra cleanse by using this soap as a facial cleanser. With shea as the base, the use of lavender oil gives a pleasant aromatherapy fragrance, which radiates calmness setting you up for the day ahead. In addition, peppermint oil gives a refreshing, sensational feel which fights off skin acne and any type of inflammation or irritation on the skin. An extra point for this soap is the minty fragrance from the peppermint oil. This combination of oils and shea butter is non harsh and sets your face for your morning routine as it moisturises whilst cleaning away all impurities gathered over night.

R&R Luxury 100% Shea Butter Soap (with Honey & Oatmeal)

This shea soap works wonders for the skin as it cleanses, exfoliates, cleanses and moisturises simultaneously, whilst also reducing the appearance of dark spots and protecting the skin.

Remember the natural remedy of soaking yourself in an oatmeal bath when you had chicken pox? Yes, oatmeal acts as an agent to treat skin, reduces itching, repairs dead skin cells and gives the skin an overall smooth texture due to its exfoliating properties. Honey is antibacterial and extremely soothing for skin too. We recommend using this as your nighttime facial cleanser or as your daily body wash for treating heat rash and eczema.

Adding these shea soaps to your skincare routine is the key to healthy, glowing, ageless-looking skin.

The goodness of shea is endless, and that is why it is 100% at the heart of all of our products needed for your skin care routine

Ivy, Team R&R Intern

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