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In the last couple of years, the beauty industry has introduced new waves of skin care regimen which have really changed the game of beauty needs for both women and men. And as it should be, people are respecting the importance of taking care of their skin, learning the do’s and don’t’s and reaping the benefits of investing in their skin – the clean way.

One of the recent trends which has got the attention of most people is the “Double Cleansing” method. Have you heard about it? Tried and tested it? Is it worth the hype?

Well, let’s jump straight into it…

Research indicates that this method originates from Korea and its aim is to give the individual healthy, clean, fresh and supple skin – so then, how different is it from the usual cleansing routine?

Double Cleansing Method ( let’s call it “DCM”) is an essential step to be added to your skin care regime because it clears all impurities and sebum, blemishes, build up from the continuous application of makeup and being exposed to harsh environments and also, helps with the removal of minerals from products used on our bodies – which can clog pores, creating uneven skin tone.

If you are guilty of using just facial wipes to remove make up, then you really should keep reading because you have been doing the wrong thing and your skin isn’t happy with you.

PS: We totally understand. Working 9-5 coupled with other many responsibilities, gets a little overwhelming – *sigh*. But, you’ve got this and we are rooting for you!

DCM is an easy cleansing routine. All you need is:

1)An oil-based cleanser – this helps as a base removal of makeup, sebum and minerals that the skin might have come in contact with throughout the day. Also, as its oil based, it cleanses and simultaneously moisturises as well. Virgin Coconut Oil is perfect for oil cleansing and will wipe away all of your make up (including mascara) the natural way!

2)A water-based cleanser – this helps as the second base removal of sweat, dirt and other impurities the skin may have attracted. It is important to make sure whichever cleanser is bought has water as its primary ingredient and doesn’t contain Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLS) as it rips off the natural oils the face produces. Also, choose products which are mild scented, foamy and are light weight as it helps with easy application. Our Liquid Black Soap is great for this, it keeps the skin clean and moisturised at the same time!

So, how do you use the DCM?

  • Gently massage an oil based cleanser into your face for a minute to two and rinse with warm water or, you could damp a clean towel in warm water, gently press onto face and slowly wipe everything away.

Fun Tip: Using a warm damp towel could be your little steam spa treatment at home 😊

Please note that your fingers/ palms carry a lot of dirt, so make sure to start DCM with clean hands.

  • Then use a water base cleanser on damp skin. Make sure to massage in circles, across all aspects of your face, right from your forehead to your neckline. Rinse with warm water and set to dry.
  • After, apply a serum or moisturiser, such as our light-weight Baobab Oil, and voila, you’re done and ready for bed!

Brighten your face, prevent clogged pores, and give your face a clean slate before the next day begins, BUT, as usual, for better results; be consistent with this routine and try to do it at least twice a week and on days you know your skin just hasn’t been pampered enough.

You already have charm, why don’t you double it and tell us about it.

Ivy, R&R Intern

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