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Bringing in the New Year with a New Fitness Routine.
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New Year, but do we want the same workout regimen? 🤔. Let’s be honest, if you sign up for a new gym membership, are you going to go six months straight? 2022 is the year of stepping outside the box and trying something exciting. Fitness is forever evolving, and so should our routines. Here are some suggestions so you can switch up your fitness routine this year…


Pole Fitness Class

When you think of building your upper body strength, we’re pretty sure your first thought goes to weight training. What if there is a new and fun way to build muscle, flexibility, and endurance? Pole Fitness incorporates cardio with climbing and spinning using your upper body and arms. Set up a class with your favourite besties to build a stronger bond.


Aerial Fitness 

Growing up, we all witnessed Cirque du Soleil. We watched as the gracefully floated in the air using beautiful silk fabrics. Now, we’re about to do the same but on a much smaller scale. Aerial fitness blends yoga poses with balance and posture work while holding yourself up with silk. Your core and lower body will thank you.


Yoga Sculpt

Image going to a class that offers yoga, cardio, and weightlifting simultaneously. That’s yoga sculpt! And an added treat is it’s done in a hot yoga studio. Sculpt is the perfect blend of mind and body and provides a total body workout designed to sculpt every major muscle group.


Tag us in some of your favourite unique fitness routines!



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