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Allow us to reintroduce ourselves.

Welcome new followers to R&R Luxury! We’re so happy to have you here. R&R is an entirely natural, plant-based skincare brand from Ghana, founded on the philosophy of transforming one of nature’s purest and richest gifts – Shea Butter – into elegant beauty products that moisturise and renew the skin.

Our Founder, Valerie Obaze, created R&R Luxury after the birth of her daughter, Rebbeca Rose because she wanted to use natural products for her newborn. What started as a thought for her family turned into an award-winning luxury beauty brand. Through an unwavering commitment to using the purest natural ingredients and a devotion to excellence in quality, R&R offers a range of luscious beauty formulations made from shea butter and other natural African ingredients, including oils for face, body, and hair; liquid and bar soaps; and lip balm. They are as good for women as men, children, and babies.

You may have already purchased a few of our products 😉 but if you haven’t, here are some reasons why you should gift yourself with our staple products.

Shea Oil

Shea has been used for centuries to soothe, soften and protect. Its natural healing properties make it the perfect solution for stressed skin and dry hair. This non-greasy oil is rich in fatty acids and provides multiple moisturising benefits leaving behind soft, supple skin & hair. This luxurious oil is 100% natural and sourced from Ghana, West Africa – the home of Shea.


Liquid Black Soap

Black Soap is an ancient African cleansing secret that has been used for centuries and passed down from generations for ageless, healthy, glowing skin. Powered by a soothing combination of shea butter and other natural, African ingredients, Liquid Black Soap deeply cleanses your face and body without stripping moisture from the skin.


Baobab Oil

Extracted from the ‘Tree of Life,’ pure Baobab Oil is ultra-moisturising and extremely rich in vitamins, omega fatty acids, and antioxidants. In addition, this oil is naturally anti-ageing, and its healing properties nourish dry skin and hair.

Baobab Oil is fast-absorbing, and its silky texture will leave your skin glowing with a youthful radiance.


Lip Butter

R&R Lip Butter is made from 100% natural ingredients to ensure smooth, moisturised lips for the perfect pout!

Guided by the core values of ethical sourcing, nature preservation, and job creation, R&R Luxury is one of the few companies to SOURCE, MANUFACTURE, SELL, and EXPORT in Africa employment for hundreds of Africans. In addition, our brand employs Africans through our Women of The Savannah Development Project (WSDP). WSDP focuses primarily on the empowerment of the rural women involved in the production process of Shea nuts and other raw materials by ensuring that the livelihood of the communities R&R Luxury operates in is holistically and significantly improved. Valerie created this project to enhance the Savannah communities that supply shea nuts and other raw materials to the Pram pram processing factory.

Not only have you found a brand that cares about what you put on your body, but you found a sustainable brand that gives back to its community and implements sustainable measures for a conducive growth environment.


Welcome to the R&R Luxury experience!


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