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Allow us to Re-Introduce ourselves with Eco-friendly Products

For the past ten years, R&R Luxury has been bringing you shea-based products such as body oils, soaps and scrubs that are good for your skin and soul. We have decided to take it a step further and bring in a new heavy hitter – Body Butter Balm to continue this journey.

Though the Body Butter Balm provides the same moisturising benefits as our other products you have grown to love, this plant-based gem is your skincare essential while on the go.  When it comes to our shea oils and whipped shea butter, the application process requires you to use your hands to massage it into your skin. We all love a good massage; however, we wanted to ensure that we catered to all your needs.

Introducing hands-free moisturising! Our Body Butter Balm provides a hands-free method to moisturise your skin no matter where you are. We are serious, this product can be kept in your handbag, car, home-office desk, or bedside to revive dry and dull skin instantly.

To apply, all you need to do is push the base of the balm stick upwards and apply directly to the skin, close the lid, and you are done. Simple!

I know you are wondering, “how else can this benefit me🤔?”. As always, we have got you covered!


Mosquito Repellant

We have all had run-ins with mosquitos. You know, those pesky little insects that get a rise from biting up our skin, leaving us itching, scratching, and cursing them for weeks! Well, we have the best weapon for you, our Revive scented butter balm. Lemongrass contains citronella, natural oil that repels mosquitoes. Glide Revive on your skin to create a shield from those goons. You’re welcome!😉


Feet and Hands Love

Due to the pandemic, we have been washing our hands and using hand sanitiser more than ever. Though it is excellent at preventing the spread of potential disease and illness, constant scrubbing can destroy our skin’s natural barrier. Our Body Butter Balm will improve your skin’s texture, appearance and will soothe your skin. Are you experiencing irritation? No need to worry. This product acts as an anti-inflammatory, helping to minimise irritation to the skin.

As we age, the skin on our feet becomes thinner and drier. Dry skin then leads to cracks, which can equate to some pain. If you live in the colder regions, you will notice the skin becoming more rougher due to moisture loss. Not only is it essential to keep your feet clean but keeping them moisturised can prevent damage. The Body Butter Balm will have those beautiful feet well-moisturised, plump, and heal damaged skin cells.

Bonus benefit: You will not be ashy! AYYE

Deodorant on the go

We have been hearing a lot of our customers talk about the importance of using natural deodorants. We have even implemented it in our own lives. Our Body Butter Balm is just what you need to slip in your purse or leave in your car for the days when you forget to add a little deodorant while in the house. From being unscented to lightly scented, you will not have to worry about damaging your clothes or irritating your skin.


Here at R&R Luxury, we want to thank you for the ten years of love. Our new eco-friendly collection is our way of showing gratitude to you and the earth.  Be sure to check out our new line, take pictures, and tag us.

We are looking forward to your reviews!

Nahema, Team R&R Intern

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