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5 hacks of R&R’s Lip butter

Did you know, your lip butter can do more than just moisturising chapped lips? Yup, we know you didn’t but guess what we’ve got great news for you.

R&R Lip Butter can do so much more! Today marks International Lipstick Day and we want to give you 5 lip butter hacks that will make you want to stock up on some lip butters right now.


  • Used as a base for lipstick

If you want a smooth, hydrated base for your lipstick our Lip butter is your best bet. You don’t want your lipstick sitting on top of dry chapped lips. The lip butter will keep your lips moist and colorful.


  • Nail Cuticle Softener

Let us to let you in on a secret, your lip butter can be used to moisturise and soften your nails. Instead of buying cuticle oil, apply the R&R lip butter to your nail beds to keep them moisturised.


  • Eye Make-up Remover

If you need to clean up your eye makeup (like eyeshadow or eyeliner), rub your lip balm on a cotton swap and use it like a makeup remover.


  • Use lip butter for your hair care

Ladies, we all can agree that our hair can be unruly in windy temperatures sometimes and keeping it neat can be a hassle. A little lip butter can help tremendously in keeping those flyaway hairs in place. Just rub a little into your palms or fingertips to spruce up your hair. It always does the trick!


  • Lip Butter as a highlighter

I bet you didn’t know this; your lip butter can serve as perfect sheen for a highlighter. Start by applying to the cheeks and working your way outward to achieve a defined look. To prevent the highlight from looking greasy, apply the lip butter onto your ring finger for the lightest layer.

Got any lip butter hack you want to share? Tell us in the comments!







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