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Welcome to the R&R blog!

Explore this page to find articles covering beauty hacks, skincare secrets and self-care tips from Team R&R.

Hands and Face: We Are Here for Your Protection!

For nearly ten years (R&R turns 10 October), R&R Luxury has provided shea -based products to protect and rejuvenate your skin’s health. From liquid black soap to lip butter, our
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Are You a Sleeping Beauty?

Before reading this, do ask yourself: “when was the last time I had an adequate night’s sleep?”  *cricket noise* Can’t answer? Well, that is not a surprise because most of
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National Coconut Day

Coconut Oil Does What?? In recent years, coconut oil’s popularity has grown tremendously. From cooking to hair care, to coffee and smoothies, coconut oil is the superfood we did not know we needed!
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International Kissing Day

It’s International Kissing Day! And we’re here to make sure your lips are ready and kissable today and beyond! For most people, adopting a beauty routine usually focuses on skin
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