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About Shea Butter

Shea butter is a fatty extract from the seed of the Shea Tree. The extract is known to contain a number of ingredients with biological activity. This biological activity includes moisturizing and healing skin ailments.

100% PURE SHEA BUTTER is a superior moisturizer, containing remarkable healing properties for various skin aliments. Unrefined Shea butter has the largest healing fraction and contains very special natural ingredients that are ideal for healthier skin. Shea butter contains the one vitamin that is absolutely mandatory for healthy skin. Additionally, Shea butter contains several natural anti-inflammatory agents and a minor sunscreen agent. Clinical studies have shown that this product transforms the skin in as little as 4-6 weeks, into a softer, smoother, and better looking skin. Those who routinely use Shea butter report a number of other special benefits for skin ailments, including blemishes, itching, sunburns, small skin wounds, eczema, skin allergies, and wrinkles. Because of an abundance of healing ingredients, and its superior moisturizing activity, Shea butter is in a unique class, as a stand-alone personal care product.

Who should use Shea butter? Everyone! Every household should have a jar of Shea butter, either among the beauty supplies for soft smooth better looking skin, or in the medicine cabinet for minor skin injuries around the house.

How do I store my Shea Oil Store Shea butter and oils away from harsh lighting or sun, in a cool dark area away from heat. Raw, unrefined Shea butter has an average shelf life of 12 to 24 months without the addition of preservatives, but we give a shelf life of 12 months on all of our packaging to be on the safe side as products may have stayed in storage for a short while before being purchased.

Being a natural product, Shea Luxury™ oil, in colder weather conditions can begin to appear cloudy and in extreme cold can solidify. If this happens to you, we suggest that you pop it into a cup of hot (not boiling) water to get it back to its original consistency.

About Shea Butter